Dispute resolution

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The dispute resolution is one of our major practice.
According to our company’s statistics, about 90% of cases are won.
Our specialists have years of successful experience in protecting the interests of clients in courts (arbitration and general jurisdiction), in all judicial instances.


Support of clients’ interests in different categories of cases:

–  disputes in real estate and construction;

– disputes related to the company’s business activities;

– corporate disputes;

– disputes with consumers;

– administrative disputes;

– labor disputes;

– bankruptcy, protection of the creditors and debtor’s rights.


Pre-trial settlement of the disputes:

– legal analysis of the situation, submitted documents;

– identifying risks and determining the prospects for litigation;

– forming of the dispute strategy;

– preparing and sending a claim.


Protection of interests in court:

– preparation and filing of a claim;

– representation of interests;

– reparation and submission of applications and petitions.


Execution of a court decision.

We provide protection of your interests in the pre-trial, court stage of dispute resolution and during the execution of the court decision.

Service projects

successfully implemented by the experts of the company "Leader of Justice"

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