Business support and coronavirus

Under the difficult economic situation in the country, government agencies have taken measures aimed at supporting business.

Postponement of rent

In 2020, small and medium-sized enterprises under lease agreements concluded with state or municipal authorities are granted a postponement of lease payments.

This measure of business support in coronavirus conditions does not apply to tenants who have concluded a lease agreement with private owners of shopping or business centers.

Let’s consider a situation when the tenant of a business center (real estate agency) cannot pay the rent, due to the fall in sales in the real estate market. This fact is not recognized as a force majeure, but is an entrepreneurial risk, and therefore the real estate agency will have to fulfill the obligation to pay the rent. Under these circumstances, it is recommended to negotiate with the lessor, to contact the lessee in writing in order to consider a delay in payment of rent or reduction of rent payments

Restructuring of loans and borrowings

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has recommended banks, micro-financial organizations and cooperatives to consider loan (credit) restructuring by 30.09.2020, including by granting a deferral on payment of principal and interest. In order to restructure the debt it is necessary to apply to the organization that has granted the entrepreneur a loan.


From 18.03.2020 to 01.05.2020 the assignments of inspections were suspended:

The exception is unscheduled inspections that are based on causing harm to the life and health of citizens, the occurrence of emergencies, inspections that result in the issuance of permits, licenses, certificates and other documents that have a permissive nature.

20.03.2020 The Federal Tax Service of Russia suspended the initiation and conduct of inspections until 01.05.2020 (Order No. ED-7-2/181):


From 18.03.2020 to 01.05.2020, the most affected areas of business in the tourism industry, air travel, physical education, sports, art, culture, cinema, are granted a deferred payment of taxes, insurance premiums, the period of payment of which falls on the period until 01.05.2020.

The above measures are aimed at supporting business and preventing the spread of coronavirus in Russia.

The government plans to take additional measures aimed at maintaining business in a difficult economic situation, for example, subsidizing interest rates on loans to developers, provided that demand for housing decreases.

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