Bankruptcy moratorium

April 03, 2020 The Government of the Russian Federation adopted a Resolution establishing a moratorium on bankruptcy from April 06, 2020 to October 05, 2020. (this term may be extended).

The moratorium does not apply to individuals and business debtors who may file an application to be declared bankrupt.

If the creditor during the period of the moratorium applies to the court to declare the debtor bankrupt or the court did not make a decision to declare the debtor bankrupt before the moratorium, the application will be returned by the court.

A bankruptcy moratorium has been established for:

For the period of the moratorium it is not allowed to prohibit foreclosures on pledged property, and foreclosures on claims arising before the moratorium are suspended.

The support measures taken by the state make it possible to continue entrepreneurial activities after the economic situation in the country has improved.

The moratorium is aimed at protecting entrepreneurs who find themselves in a difficult financial situation due to the spread of coronavirus infection.

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