Real estate, land, construction

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Long-term experience of our specialists in the sphere of building and the real estate allows us to solve the most difficult problems.



 – real estate legal support;

– registration of rights to real estate objects, land plots;

 – comprehensive due diligence of real estate objects and land plots;

– legal and tax structuring of transactions in the field of construction, equity participation in construction, investment activities;

– development and audit of construction schemes, identification of risks;

– preparation of construction contracts, investment contracts;

– legal support of investment projects;

– protection of interests in government agencies;

– judicial protection in real estate, land relations, construction.


Service projects

successfully implemented by the experts of the company "Leader of Justice"

Collection of debts under supply and work contracts

The two companies signed a contract for delivery, installation supervision and commissioning. The equipment was delivered and the works were done without any comments. The…
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