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Our specialists have considerable experience in protecting the interests of creditors, debtors, assisting the arbitration manager in bankruptcy proceedings.


Protection of the debtor’s interests:

 – legal analysis of the situation, the debtor’s transactions;

– development of the debtor’s bankruptcy strategy;

– preparation and filing of an application to declare the debtor as bankrupt;

– assistance to the arbitration manager in conducting of bankruptcy proceedings;

– minimization of risks on attraction of controlling persons to subsidiary responsibility;

– collection of receivables;

– legal support for the sale of the debtor’s property.


Protection of the creditor’s interests:

 – developing of a strategy to protect the rights of the creditor;

– preparation and submission of the creditor’s claim to the court;

– appeal of the debtor’s transactions;

– appeal against the actions of the arbitration manager;

– representing the creditor at creditor meetings and in the creditor committee;

– objection to artificially created claims of creditors;

– attraction of controlling persons of the debtor to subsidiary responsibility;

– bringing the arbitration manager to administrative responsibility.

Service projects

successfully implemented by the experts of the company "Leader of Justice"

Recovery of company debt before the debtor's bankruptcy

The debtor's debt was formed before the bankruptcy. The company claimed the debt from the debtor, but was refused. We were able to prove that…

Successfully defended the interests of a major construction company

Successfully represented a major construction company in bankruptcy with a claim for 35,357,421 rubles. 97 cop. (Case No. A40-146206/18-174-188), representing the client at a meeting…

Successful protection of creditors' interests

Successful defense of the interests of the largest tin manufacturer, tin research institute in bankruptcy of the largest glass plant with the claim of 782,849,831.39…
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